XMAS Love Bundle 3
XMAS Love Bundle 3
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XMAS Love Bundle 3

Vaal Air Purification (VAT# 4190263568)
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Save R576 with our Xmas Love Bundle 3

The Following is included in our XMAS Love Bundle

  • Leaf Air Purifier Unit (Choose from White, Cream, Black, Green or Blue)
  • Triple Pack Air Purifier Solution 
  • Out of Africa Bliss Air Purifier (Choose from Zebra, Giraffe or Leopard)
  • 2 x 125ml Air Purifying Solution (Choose from 36)


Please let us know your options in the NOTES field on check out. We will also confirm your options on WhatsApp.


MicrobeShield Air Purifying Concentrated Solutions

MicrobeShield solutions are developed from a patented formulation. It contains MicrobeShield which ensures rapid and effective results, by eliminating up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microscopic pollutants in the air, as well as on a variety of surfaces. Our solutions are proven to be safe and environmentally friendly.

Triple Pack Options:

Citrus Pack - Orange, Fresh Lemon & Apple 

Floral Pack - Lavender, Rose, Lotus 

Leaf Pack - Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Lavender, Green Tea

Purify Pack - MicrobeShield, Clary Sage, Lily 

Refresh Pack - Morning Dew, Bamboo, Rainforest 

Sanctuary Pack - Lemongrass, Apple Cinamon, Jasmine 

Spa Pack - Oasis, Relaxing, Uplifting 

Stressless Pack - Ginger Lime, Coconut Toast, Iced Tea 

Vanilla Pack - Vanilla, Cranberry, Coffee 

Wellness Pack - Sandalwood, Sakura, Citronella

Romantic Pack - Silver Moon, Velvet Romance, Guilty Pleasures

Earthy Pack - Oakmoss and Spice, Orient Pearl, Regal Opulence 

125ml Options

Green Apple - Antibacterial, refreshing and enhances creativity

Fresh Lemon - Deodorizes, increases mental clarity and enhance vitality

Green Tea - Refreshing and rejuvenates the body with a soothing earthy scent

Coffee - Promotes blood circulation, helps alleviate fatigue

Clary Sage - Calming, seductive & soothing

Orange Peel - Uplifting, enhances alertness and mental focus calms tired nerves

Peppermint & Eucalyptus - Soothes cold symptoms, and improves breathing

Tea Tree & Lavender - Calming, soothing, embodies peace and harmony

Cranberry - Refreshing, energizes and calms tired nerves

Vanilla - Eases Tension and anxiety and promotes a feeling of safety & security

Citronella - Natural insect repellent, stimulating, refreshing & deodorizes

Sandalwood - Relaxes mind and body, increases alertness and reduces anxiety

Rose - Uplifting, relieves stress and creates an enchanting atmosphere

Uplifting - Improves alertness, blood circulation and reduces anxiety

Lily - Improves Sleep, Relieves tension and relaxing

Sakura - Sensual, Cherry blossom, freshness of springtime

Lavender - Relaxes, counters stress and uplift the spirit

Lotus - Delightful scent, relaxing and calming

Oasis - Soothing blend that promotes a feeling of peace and tranquillity

Morning Dew - Fresh and natural, soothing and calms the spirit

Relaxing - Calming, relieves tension, anxiety and stress

Microbeshield - Sterilizing, antibacterial, anti-fungus and eliminates odour

Apple Cinnamon - Promotes blood circulation and anti-aging

Lemongrass - Relieves headaches, antibacterial, removes odour and uplifting

Ginger Lime - A bright, zesty & revitalizing fragrance

Jasmine - Stimulates the spirit and enhances self-confidence

Bamboo - Lift the spirit, soothing and relieves stress

Rainforest - Relieves stress and uplifting

Iced Tea - Relaxes your mind while sharpening your mental focus

Coconut Toast - Helps reduce anxiety and aids in getting a good nights sleep

Silver Moon - The beauty of a fleeting moment, an expression of the beyond. A captivating blend of warmth and zest restores harmony to body and mind

Velvet Romance - Velvety aromatic delight, as lingering as love. Increases libido and creativity, relieves stress and creates an enchanting setting

Guilty Pleasures - Surrender to life's guilty pleasures. A seductive blend of the finest scents soothes headaches, aids insomnia and calms tired nerves

Oakmoss and Spice - A dreamy reminder of Arabian nights. Warm and alluring fragrance for detoxifying, cough expectorant. Also recommended for Anti-Tobacco

Orient Pearl - Exceptional scent for tranquil atmosphere, with sweet notes of Lilly and savoury tones of green clove, invoke self-confidence and reduces insomnia

Regal Opulence - Palacial Luxury. Rich, malty aroma with powerful properties for meditation and stimulating the immune system

  • Returns policy

    Vaal Air Purification will accept unopened 125ml, 500ml and Triple Packs for 7 days post date of purchase. The courier and transportation cost will be for the client's expense.

    Opened Air Purifying solution returns will not be accepted.